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Birthday Unboxing! | Gucci + Net-a-Porter

Birthday Net-a-Porter

My birthday just passed – and I’m still riding those birthday-month vibes. I was fortunate enough to receive some birthday-money (I’ve stopped receiving gifts back in middle-school) ahead of time. I put all of it towards a dream purchase and what’s better the a birthday unboxing from net-a-porter?

Here’s the unboxing in all of its full glory. There’s something oh so exciting about unwrapping a gift (even when you know what’s inside). The experience of net-a-porter is amazing, from the gift wrapping to the super quick delivery it’s comparable to buying in store.

Let’s talk about the actual gift – I purchased the Gucci Princetown Slippers in Black leather. These are a pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing for a while, and when I saw them in my size online I simply had to order. Luckily for me the pound is weak at the moment so the price was great (compared to the US) and was exactly within my budget. It took about 4 business days to arrive with express shipping and everything was nicely padded.

The shoes themselves are an open back slipper, in all leather. The stitching is beautiful and precise with the aged gold horse bit hardware that is so iconic to Gucci. In terms of sizing I went with the 37 and they are exactly my size. I’d say these run true to size, a little more narrow that wide normal. They have a pretty long vamp (the lengthy part of the shoe) and my toes do not reach the end (I’d say I have a cm or so). Out of the box they were a little bit tight but after a few wears they’ve loosened up and I’m sure in a few more they will be perfect.

If you’re curious, these are my sizes in other shoes:
Balenciaga Geniture boots 37, Prada flats and sandals 36.5, Guissepi Zannoti sandals 36, Christian Louboutin flats 37, Christian Louboutin heeled sandals 37.5, Superega 37 (37.5 is too big), Tods flat sandals 36.5, Zara – 37.

I’m super excited about these and can see them mixing in with my daily outfits with ease. I’m not sure these are shoes to wear out on a day long city trek but for casual jaunts? They can’t be beat.

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Gucci Princetown Slippers in Black
Gucci Princetown Slippers in Black
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