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My at Home Manicure Routine

My at Home Manicure RoutineGoing to get my nails done at a salon simply doesn’t suit me. I don’t enjoy making small talk with my manicurist, the shade selection is often always missing the shade I want and in general it’s a time suck. This is why I do my own nails, sure it’s not perfect but it works. These are my go to products for doing my at home manicure while binging on some youtube on a Saturday night.

First of all there’s the nail file – a crystal nail file is so much better for your nails compared to those cardboard ones. It’s important to always file in one direction and never ever use a sawing motion, that weakens the nails. I like to keep my nails short for optimal typing and rounded because that’s what suits me.

Then there’s the base. Once you’ve cleaned your nails you’ll find that applying a base coat will make nail polish last the much longer. I get around a week of wear from Essie and YSL, a little less from the Chanel polishes (older formula) and a little bit more from the Nails Inc polishes. I’m currently using the Sephora Formula X nail polish base and so far so good.

For colors I’ve currently got to polar opposites. Either the barely-there nude that is YSL Beige Leger which has the perfect amount of pink-purple to break the skin tone shades. On the other end of the spectrum there’s a bricky-deep red from Essie with the name Forever Yummy. I do 3 coats of each for opacity and a thick gel like effect.

To make sure everything is dry and glossy there’s only one solution. Top Coat! I love the Sally Hansen Quick Dry but am now using Good to Go from Essie. GtG is a little less shiny and thick so the effect is less gel like. It does dry polish well and adds a good amount of shine. Overall it’s a good one.

To finish everything off I apply a generous amount of the Oskia Renaissance Hand Cream which sinks in within seconds. For some cuticle loving, because mine are forever ragged, I enjoy the L’Occitane Nourishing Oil which is super easy to apply.

How do you do your nails? Salon or at home?

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  • I do love a nude nail polish as it goes with everything but the Essie one you have here is stunning x I can’t wait to go on holidays to do my nails. It’s the only time I can paint my nails as I am a nurse -.-”