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5 products to level up your bath with

Its winter and if there ever was a time to indulge in a bath it is it. Call it a little luxury but I simply cannot be without a bathtub, it’s a ritual I’ve been partaking in for most of my life. In my teens I loved a bath bomb or some bubbles but as I grow older I appreciate finer things. Don’t we all? Here are my top recommendations for making your bath that much better.

Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts

Ahhhh, magic in a jar. These salts are 100% sure to get me relaxed and asleep after a stress filled week (or day). Housed in a dark glass jar you can be sure these salts will remain potent for a long time. Filled with detoxing ingredients as well as a bit of aromatherapy, lavender scents the bath while you soak away. Its recommended to stay away from electronics post bath and to give yourself a pat down to soak up excess water. I find that my body heats up from the combined water heat and these so my muscles relax and then I just fall asleep.




Mio Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak

Similar to the Therapie salts but different. This bath soak has Epsom salts and smells like a eucalyptus oil had a baby with some ferns. It’s very green and you must give the ceramic (?) bottle a very firm shake before pouring some in, the bath water doesn’t get a tint but it all dissolves in seconds. Sit in the bath and then you feel the magic working, it heats up your muscles so they can relax and any tense bits will fade away. I love this after a hard workout session or for sore legs as it really helps ease the pains and aches away.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil

This one is a total luxury purchase. I’ll admit I bought the mini one and then caved at this one in Duty Free. This oil is purely there for scenting the bath, it does give things a bit more slip and moisture but the scent is where its at. With a few drops you’ll be floating on heavenly smelling water and this will linger in the bathroom and on your skin. I find that post bath with this the scent will stick to the bathroom for a good two days and on my skin it’s there until the next day’s shower.


Cowshed Bath & Body Oil

I was given a set of three cowshed oils for my birthday by a very dear friend who knows what I love. The names are lovely – Grumpy Cow, Knackered Cow and Wild Cow. These are small but not too small and each has a different scent, with different aromatherapeutic elements. You can use this to massage dry skin or in the bath for a good soak. Its super hydrating and I can feel the boost of moisture post bath with these.

Lush Cosmetics Bubble Bar

Sometimes you need a good old bubble bath. My product of choice for this is the Lush bubble bar, and it doesn’t really matter which one – if I have it on hand then it is fine by me. These fill the bath with so many bubbles, and not flimsy ones mind you but thick luscious foamy bubbles. The bubble bars are filled with hydrating ingredients so the bath water feels really soothing on dry skin. Post bath the skin is left hydrated and soft with a bit of scent lingering depending on the bar you chose. I find the sparkly ones a bit of a hassle to clean up, but colorful bath water can’t be beat can it?



So, those were my favorite products to level up my bath with. It’s important in my opinion to indulge a little and take the time to relax. I do this with a nice, long bath and to make my me time extra special I like a little something extra. Add a fact mask, a glass of wine and a candle and you can all it a me-centric evening. You can always add a book, a magazine or your favorite show if you can’t simply turn off you brain. For me this little ritual is crucial – it reminds me to take care of myself and to let my stresses and worries fade away.

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