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Winter Fragrance: Aerin Evening Rose

Aerin Evening Rose

Way back in October I splurged, with a double whammy of gift card and birthday discount, on the Aerin Evening Rose perfume. It might have been the pretty jewel top  that drew me in but the rather complex, yet soft scent was what sealed the deal. It’s my fragrance of choice lately and here’s why.

Quick background story: Aerin is the brainchild line of Aerin Lauder, from that huge conglomerate company. Aerin is a premium brand with pricing to match. The fragrance line features 10 scents at the moment, with each one having a jewel top colored to suit the notes.

In store I was debating Gardenia Rattan and Evening Rose but ultimately the rose won. Here are the notes if you’re into this:

Blackberry, Cognac, Rose Centifolia, Bulgarian Rose Absolute and Incense

I’m not a big fan of overwhelming scents so for me the light rose notes balanced by the heady cognac/incense. I’m crazy for rose scented anything recently. And this perfume fulfilled my wishes without smelling like an old lady. Sorry florals, but you’ve got a bad rep. In the past I’ve never been drawn to any perfume that’s sweet but this one’s the right mix of smokey-rosey-sweet. That likely made no sense but what blogpost about a perfume does? Very few I think.

Lasting power is about 6-8 hours on me, and it mellows our as the day goes on. It start off with a strong burst of that blackberry and rose, mellows into a more rosey cognac and then finishes off the day with incense. It’s a subtle sexy fragrance that’s very feminine and gentle. Overall I’ve been enjoying it so much these past two months that I’ve used about a 1/5 of the bottle.

So thus far, Aerin Evening Rose is my winter fragrance of choice.

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  • I love Aerin so much!