Acne Jensen Boots Review

It’s a new year and I’m still buying shoes. After searching low and high I finally decided to get the chelsea boots I’ve been dreaming of – the Acne Studios Jensen Boots. Black boots are pretty basic, there are plenty on offer in a variety of price ranges, but these won me over. Let me give you the low down on these boots…

I went and purchased mine off of The luxury experience wasn’t compromised by shopping online. There was a free shipping offer and the boots were delivered within less than 24 hours from the time I placed the order. I highly recommend this site but do note that if you’re located outside the EU you’ll need to pay duties and taxes. Now about these Acne Studios Jensen Boots…

I decided to go for the smooth black leather as it seems to fit best with my wardrobe. There are several other variations of black (suede and pebbled leather) and other colors. Some are seasonal like the silver and some are not like the brown. The choice of color and texture, in my opinion, effects wearability and longevity. Smooth leather may mark easily but it looks classic and works well for day or night.


The box is a pretty signature Acne pink. In it you’ll get two dust bags made from a sturdy canvas material. Two dust bags are great as the boots won’t rub against each other when stored.
The rest of it is pretty standard, just tissue to stuff the boots and wrap them in when stored away. I highly recommend storing your shoes when they aren’t in use in their box. Stuffing them helps to preserve the shape. Storage in a box also prevents dust and other hazards (like the sun) from damaging luxury goods.


These boots are wonderfully detailed. They have a nice, sturdy heel that’s 4 cm/1.5 inches high. This isn’t too much for everyday wear but is just enough to give you some lift. My favorite design detail is the V- shaped elastic section. It lengthens the legs in these and adds a little something unusual to the boots. The elastic is sturdy but not too stiff that it’s difficult to get your foot into them.
For me, it’s very easy to pop these on and off yet it doesn’t feel like the ankles are too tight or too loose – overall it’s pretty much a perfect fit in the ankle. I’d say I have standard ankles. Not too skinny nor too thick, and these boots aren’t snug nor loose it’s just the right balance.


The pull tabs are made from a grosgrain ribbon material with “Acne Studios” on them in black. It’s very delicately branded. You also have the Acne Studios logo inside the boots. Right at the bottom of your foot but you aren’t able to feel this. As with all shoes of this caliber, you have the size, place of make – Italy and the brand name embossed on the sole.
The size is also printed in silver on the inside of the shoe, right at the front so you’ll never forget what size you’ve got in case you want to sell these on or buy them second hand. All of these details will ensure that the product you are buying is authentic if you aren’t purchasing from a trusted retailer.

In terms of fit these are pretty true to size in my opinion. The size I went with is a European 37 which is my usual size in boots and other closed shoes. I measured 26 cm from heel to tip of toe and for my 23 cm long foot it’s a perfect fit.

If you are a half size I would recommend taking the bigger size, simply because you can always wear boots with a thinker sock if they are a little too big. Out of the box they were very comfortable. After a few days of wear I can say that there’s a part at the back of my right heel that is rubbing. This should be resolved with more wear in my opinion.
These have a very pointed toe so they really elongate the legs, and the height of them really helps ankles look tiny.


The Acne Studios Jensen boots are pointed toed, in case you somehow missed it. This means that unless you’ve quite narrow feet the width of the shoe will be a concern for you.  My main concern was that they would be too narrow. My feet are normal to maybe a little on the wide side and it’s fine, with wear I’m sure they’ll stretch that extra bit and become perfect.
At the widest part of the boot they measure 9 cm, and where my toes stop it’s 4.5 cm. The tip is a little bit squared off, so you’re less likely to wreck these on concrete. Last of all there’s a little gunmetal detail at the very tip which gives them a little something extra.

I am so excited to style these Acne Studios Jensen Boots. I’m very glad that I made this purchase. They are a pair of somewhat plain boots and are bound to be a staple. But the little details in these make it a bit more exciting. The quality is stunning, they are all leather with the exception of the sole. I’m looking forward to see how they wear over time and work with my day to day wardrobe.

Are you considering these boots? If this post helped you out let me know!

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