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A Glossy Lip Edit

It’s a world of contrasts currently. I’m referring to the world of lip products right now, not the world-world. Either you go for those ultra matte liquid lipsticks or you rush to the other end of the spectrum – gloss. With winter dryness at its peak I’m opting for the gloss more than the matte lipsticks and these are my glosses of choice at the moment…

Buxom Lip Cream in White Russian

The classic nude lip topper, with some plumping power to make sure your pout looks nothing like the shriveled prune you feel it is. This gloss is thick, slightly tacky and super glossy. There’s that tingly menthol feeling to it but it smells quite sweet. Overall it’s a great one to use if you feel that your lips need to look extra plump.

Dior Fluidstick in Ciel Rose (LE)

This one is more of a standalone product. It’s super glossy, almost has a vinyl-like effect on the lips. You’ll get a fully opaque color with just a layer, with a glossy and thick-plushy feel on the lips. This is a product that sticks around quite well for a gloss and leaves behind a bit of a stain. It’s not the most light feeling thing out there and it’s quite heavily fragranced. On me it doesn’t really settle into lip lines and makes everything look moist and plump.

ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip in Drop out

Who said gloss can’t pack a punch? This one does. I love Colourpop for the extremely varied selection of shade and formulas – at a very convenient price point. I was looking for a gloss to layer onto of darker, vampier lipsticks for those days where a matte finish isn’t going to cut it. The shade is a deep brick-brown that adds drama to your usual red lip but isn’t so opaque that it overtakes things. This is a fairly sheer gloss that can be layered to a more opaque color without getting gloopy. Formula wise it’s nice and light, non-sticky with a fair amount of sheen. This doesn’t have the greatest staying power but I’m fine with reapplying.

Glossier Lip Gloss (LE)

This one is sadly, sold out and unavailable. However if it pops up again I can happily say that it’s a super light, super moisturizing gloss. It’s got a hint of a pink tint to it and that’s about it for color, just a gentle enhancement of your own natural tones. This one is a super glossy one, reminiscent of the stuff we slathered on as teens but without the overpowering vanilla scent of the sticky texture. As with all things Glossier its perfect for natural makeup days or for the girl who doesn’t want to actually wear makeup.

YSL Tint-in-Oil in Oh My Gold

I adore this one. It’s got virtually no color, just a bit of deepening pink, and it’s chock full of mini golden glitter particles. This isn’t the type of glitter that’ll make you wish you never applied it because it’s scraping up you lips – noooooo sireeee. It’s a super smooth oil based formula that hugs your lips with a moisturizing bang. Perfect for those chapped lip days when you want to look like you’ve got something on but can’t bear anything real. It works best layered over a nude lip pencil, like CT’s Pillow Talk, for an extra full pout.

Clarin’s Lip Perfecter in 01 Rose

The OG lip gloss for the internet beauty lovers among us. Youtube was obsessed with this a while back and for a very good reason – it’s a great gloss. It’s not super vinyl-y like some, there’s a good bit of shimmer and pigment but its sheer enough for those of us who like to look natural. Balmy texture means there’s no reason to fear hair sticking to everything while you’ve got that comforting feel. The tube style packaging is nice – you can’t see the formula getting icky from layering onto other colors. My only gripe is that the applicator gets gross very fast and I feel a need to sanitize it frequently because ugh.

Channel Glossier in Ocean Shimmer  (LE)

I’m a sucker for Chanel, add in some duo chrome glitter and any attempt at resistance is futile. This gloss formula is one of my favorites (if only it weren’t so damn pricey), it’s got the right amount of tackiness so it sticks around but isn’t so gloopy that you can’t bear it. Perfection is in the balance of things. This particular shade is clear, the early 00’s had a lot of impact on me,  with a good amount of duo chrome glitter-shimmer. In the tube it’s gorgeous with the clear base and purple-pink-blue shimmer, on the lips things are less noticeable. With a very subtle hint of glimmer this gloss makes lip look plumper and your inner-teenager squeal with joy.

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