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My Recent 5 Go To Lip Colors

The name of my blog may have given it away a while back – but in case you’ve yet to realize it: I love lip products. I love lipsticks and thus they are likely to forever hold a place in my heart, but sometimes a girl likes some variety. These are my current top five go-to lip products, the ones I reach for when I can’t be bothered to think about things too much.

There’s a fair bit of variety here – there’s a shiney gloss, a very bold red lip, a more natural my lips but better, a matte nude and a sheer cherry red. I can’t say that I stick firmly to one look, and with over 75 lips products I’m quite keen on changing things up on the usual.

Let’s start off with those reds. Glossier’s Generation G in Zip is the perfect lazy day red, when you want to wear a red lipstick but are unwilling to commit to maintaining it. The Gen G formula is sheer, matte and blurry may be the best descriptor for it. Zip is quite a warm red but it doesn’t make teeth yellow so it’s the perfect easy to wear red. For a more precise and high maintenance lip Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip in Ribbon is the perfect deep true red. This shade requires a bit of attention when you apply it as the formula is super super pigmented. As with most of the liquid lipsticks out there this shade will stick around for a while but when faced with a greasy burger it may rub off.

For some more natural tones, and for days when no makeup – makeup is the aim. First off there’s the best my lips but better lipstick, curtesy of Chanel. I’m referring to the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 54 Boy this is a creamy, sheer shade that enhances your natural lip color and is sure to make you feel amazing. I’d describe it as a dusky pink-beige but it’s so sheer that there’s very minimal impact. Next up there’s the YSL Tint-in-Oil in Oh My Gold which is as you may have guessed an oil based gloss. It’s super hydrating (always welcome mid-winter!) and, for lack of a better word, glossy. There’s golden micro shimmer particles suspended in the oil base which make your lips sparkle but in a subtle way.

Last of all there’s the most recent addition to my (frankly exhausting) collection is Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria. I adore the formula of these lipsticks but have never gotten one of the nude shades. This specific one is a very browny-nude-pink, almost mauvey but not so much that your lips look grey. On it’s own or layered over Pillow Talk lip liner it’s the perfect way to turn up the volume of your lips without using color.

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  • Very Victoria is one of my all time favorite lip colors! I’ve definitely been reaching for that along with Bond Girl for a long while now. I’ve been loving the Glossier Lip Gloss a lot lately and I’ll be needing to look for more non-sticky glosses to add into my collection.

    Cindy |