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Luxury products you want but don’t really need

Sometimes in life you encounter things you very much don’t need but oh-so desperately want. These three things are exactly that, pure frivolous luxury. From a scented hand cream, to a lip balm housed in a jar to a candle that emulates a fire burning. None of these are things you need – but you most certainly will want to own them nonetheless.

Starting off with the most portable luxury of all, the one you can whip out of your purse or leave out “casually” on your desk – hand cream. Luxurious and rich hand creams can be found at any price range really, but when it comes to fancy scents this is when the price goes up. From Aesop to Byredo, Aerin or By Terry there’s bound to be one out there for you. You can rest assured that all of them will leave your skin moisturized but not sticky, hydrated but not tacky while their scent lingers on your skin like a long lasting reminder of the exorbitant price you paid.

Next we’ve got lip balms. For some strange reason, the best ones are either extremely pricey or utterly medicinal. As can be imaged the more luxurious ones make you feel more like you’re indulging in a little apres ski than a trip to the chemist. These never have functional or hygienic packaging, rather you’ll have to battle your germs-phobia by sticking your fingers into a pot containing highly emollient balm. The things we do for nice lips, with a privileged edge.

Last of all there’s my favorite – candles. Now you can definitely get some nice candles that won’t make you weep as you burn your hard earned cash away, but where’s the fun in that? The complex scents, the eco-sensitive wax and the hand blown glass containers. These all come together to make one total waste of money that will leave you feeling as if you are a member of a very special club. You can always store things in those jars once you’ve burned the candle away, like your change to save up for a new candle (or rent).

You don’t need any of these – but you really really want them. Call it a millennial money wasting habit, call it being frivolous, I call it enjoying the little things. Like a fancy candle or a hand cream that costs more than my lunch.

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