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Quick Review: Ouai Treatment Masque

You may be asking yourself – how important is a hair mask? My answer is: very very important. If you still use conditioner, and like it, you may find this a little redundant. However, if you too no longer use the stuff and have made the move to the exclusive mask only world of hair care the Ouai Treatment Masque is one to try.I’ll start off with a bit of background on my hair – it’s fine and delicate, I’ve got natural wavy-curly texture and am in a longer term relationship with my GHDs. I wash my hair every 3 days and then follow with the ritual of straightening it, and the next day throwing in some curls or waves with the GHDs. I always use heat protectant and texturizing spray or a salt spray, it’s so fine that when it’s clean things get very flat very fast.

Now to this masque, the Ouai Treatment Masque, because it can’t be fancy without a french name. You get 8 in the pack, each one is enough for 2 applications on my shoulder length hair. This hair mask packs a punch unlike others I’ve tried, I keep the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle on hand for shower use but this is beyond that. After my first use, which included slathering it on and waiting 15 minutes or so, I washed it out and my hair was almost too soft. I’ve now used it 4 times and can assure you the extra soft, hydrated hair continues to haunt me.

As someone who applies heat to their hair very frequently this is a life savior. It feels like I’ve just had freshly cut hair after I use this, like all the damage and dry-crumbly hair is gone. My only dislike is the cumbersome packaging, I hate fiddling with the individually packaged foils. Otherwise I’m certain this is unicorn tears in cream form to apply to the hair.

It’s yet another amazing product from Ouai – I already love the Wave Spray so much and have yet to be disappointed with the brand.

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  • Laura Ellen Sehler-Walls

    I have been so impressed with the Ouai line too. I have not yet tried the mask, but I think after this review, I just may have to. Thanks so much!