Quick Review: Tarte Shape Tape in Fair Beige

It’s the concealer the entirety of the internet is raving about – the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer!
With the newly expanded shade range it seemed like a good time to venture forward and purchase this hyped up product. There’s plenty of information out there but here are my thoughts (and swatches) of the Tarte Shape Tape Conealer in Fair Beige

This is by far the lightest concealer I’ve come across, so it’s an awesome choice for those of us with super fair skin. In terms of texture, it’s smack dab in the middle. This isn’t a super moisturizing formula, nor is it drying – however it does grab onto dryness so if you’ve got some flaking skin skip it. The Tarte Shape Tape concealer isn’t very runny or liquid but it isn’t a creamy concealer either. I think it’s the perfect concealer for the majority of skin types, and it does set unlike other options.

L-R: Tarte Fair Beige, Nars Vanilla, Clarins 01 Light, Bare Minerals Fair, Collection Fair, Kevyn Aucoin SX05

The shade I’ve got Fair Beige is described by Tarte as suitable for fair skins with a pink undertone, but I don’t think it’s very pink. This shade is far cooler, and thus pinker, than other options but when blended out I find that it’s fairly neutral. I do think this is a very light concealer – it’s far lighter than any other I own. It’s possible for me, with this shade, to really highlight which isn’t really an option with other concealers I own. I cannot use this shade to cover blemishes – I think I’d need light neutral or even light sand for that. I find that this concealer does emphasis the pores on my nose (sans a pore filling primer), so I’m not sure how well it’ll preform on flaking, healing spots.

Despite the formula’s tendency to set slightly dry and the  emphasis pores I’ve got little to gripe about – except this applicator! It is positively H-U-G-E. This isn’t something that is usable for me and so much product comes out that it’s, frankly, ridiculous. There’s a little well in the doe foot applicator which collects product, but the applicator also collects product so… there’s a lot. With such a high-coverage formula, that doesn’t really sheer out when blended, you have to work with a brush or off the back of your hand. If you don’t transfer it to another surface things get messy, with far more product than anyone could ever need.

Overall I like this concealer, enjoy using it under my eyes and to highlight/carve out my contour. Is it worth all of this hype? Not too sure. If this is readily available I suggest picking one up – but if it’s a hassle to get your hands on it, you can give it a pass.

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