Fendi 2Jours Petite Review

A luxury hand bag purchase is one very, very important decision. If you are anything like me, you research and deliberate for a while. Weighing the pros and the cons of the bags that have captured your eye and after sleeping on it, changing your mind and then changing it again you take the plunge. I first encountered the Fendi 2Jours Petite bag on Lizzy Hadefield from Shot on the Street and then it became a strong contender for the spot in my collection. In late February I became it’s lucky, lucky owner – here are my thoughts.

From the get go I made the rather bold decision not to purchase a black bag. Instead, I went for blue – it pairs well with everything I own but isn’t as basic as black. At the store there were two options, and the dilemma was huge. These come with a brightly colored inside, which barely peeks out when worn but still sets the tone for the purse. I was torn between a more green-based navy blue with orange lining or the more true blue with  light pink lining.

As you may have already understood, being a total millennial cliche I went for the light pink. I bought this purse via my mother who sent all the photos to me while at the boutique – you can assume that this made things more difficult. It’s not quite an online purchase but has some similarities. As I mentioned in the video, the light pink is prone to getting dark marks and dirt so I strive to protect it with pouches and such. This bag has feet at the bottom which protect the bag when it’s set down, a lovely design touch. There are 3 sections, two open ones at the front and back as a middle zippered divider section, which is great for phones and card cases. The bag closes with a popper that is fine, but a zipper is often preferable. It’s a top handled bag with an adjustable cross body strap.

One of the cool things you can do if you purchase this bag at a Fendi boutique is hot stamping the tag. Above are some of the options that were offered, I went for the scowling-angry bug eyes a very cute touch. You can also get the tag initialed, in either gold or silver. Personalizing a bag is a really lovely service that’s often offered with luxury goods and for me truly seals the deal. I decided to not initial it in the case that I were to sell this later or pass it on to my mother (or daughter in the far, far future). I think the bug eyes really suite the shade of the purse and make that much more of a statement.

At the moment I’m infatuated with the bag, but I find the shape classic and streamlined so I’m sure it’ll stay a firm favorite for a long time to come.

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