IT Cosmetics CC Cream

Nothing beats a good base. There’s plenty of buzz surrounding the ITCosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream and I could no longer resist. I went and purchased the shade Fair and so far I like it. Let’s get down to the details.This is a fairly thick tinted moisturizer, and don’t let the CC name fool you – it’s also got some pretty good coverage. I will say that it’s not a full coverage base as some argue, it can be built up to a nice medium but application is everything here. If you go for the slap and dash finger application (and don’t over do it with the product) you’ll end up with light coverage. Beauty blenders or makeup sponges will result in a very light, sheer layer that’ll knock back redness but won’t really cover anything. Buffing brushes will give you the highest coverage you can get out of this, in my experience, which is a light-medium that with some layers can become a pretty solid medium.

It’s still a CC cream, not a full coverage 24 hour foundation!

It touts an SPF 50 UVA/UVB physical protection – which is my jam. Don’t for a moment assume you can skip a dedicated layer of SPF ’cause you can’t, but doubling up is still a great thing. The formula is hydrating but nothing over the top, it’s great for normal to dry skin types but might get a little greasy on those with oilier areas (unless you powder). This product is scented, but not overwhelmingly so, there’s a light lemony scent that fades away quickly. The greatest thing is the packaging – there’s a pump, that you only need to press half way for a nice application, that’s super hygienic and the tube makes it great for travel since no glass = no breakage.

All in all I’m really enjoying this as my skin freaks out over the onslaught of spring and starts misbehaving a little.

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  • IT Cosmetics is a brand I need to try, I’m sure they are now sold on QVC so it’s a great opportunity to try something!

    Alice | alicemaysnell