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Why I Love Glossier

By now everyone is familiar with Glossier. From the signature pink, the cool girl vibes and the inspirational quotes it’s a brand most of us internet dwelling makeup lovers find easy to identify with. I first encountered Glossier on Instagram, as most of us have, and had to get my hands on the pink pouch. With my collection boasting every product the line offers, and the impending release of international distribution I can’t not celebrate my love for Glossier.

To me, and I’ll assume that to many others, makeup doesn’t only serve it’s main function of covering or enhancing parts of your face. Neither does skincare only fulfil our needs for moisturiser or a good clean. Brands and their product offering, high to low, serve other functions – identity, emotional response and so on. To an extent some brands can get you behind them by presenting an ideology that you identify with – Glossier did that for me.

Let’s go back a few years, when Glossier came on the scene I was recovering from some serious hormonal acne that i’d never experienced as a teen. I wouldn’t leave the house without something on my face, and if I’m frank were it not for my serious committed and loving relationship would probably have been tackling depression. At that time Glossier represented everything I wanted to be; easy going, natural faced girls who were savvy and tech oriented. I devoured all the information about the brand, interviews with Emily Weiss on the fund raising and furiously scrolled Instagram for their products in action. The slogan Skin First, Makeup Second resonated with what I wanted to be. It was aspirational, motivational and connected with me on the intellectual level (as someone who loves startups and the culture they have).

Glossier was easy to fall in love with, it was crafted to my demographic in both it’s products and messaging. So different to the lacklustre counter experiences I had, where upon asking on an ingredient or a newly launched collection I would receive raised eyebrows and condescending words. Glossier spoke to me, not at me – and they still do.

As time went on they came out with more and more products, some great some less so but the “essence” stayed the same. It’s not meant to fulfil every need in your routine, and as a parent company Glossier promotes other products on Into The Gloss. They know that a startup cannot offer several thousands of SKUs (items in a range) but that they fill a void of understandable, approachable products – and they do this well.

My favourite items from the range are divided across the categories, which spans to how great they are across the board.  For skincare I thing that the Milky Jelly Cleanser is an amazing, gentle but effective product that is so different to what many are used to. No harsh foaming agents, it isn’t jam packed with fragrance and best of all? It’s eye safe. The Mega-Greens Galaxy Pack and the Moon Moisturising Mask, are some of the best masks I’ve tried. As a dry skinned gal most cleansing masks leave me feeling tight, irritated and a little bit over cleansed. This doesn’t happen to me with this and thus I love it.

When it comes to make Boy Brow is my jam, it’s one of the best brow products I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. The shade brown is a perfect match for my shade of hair, and the formula never flakes off or dries into  crusty mess. The Haloscopes are great for anyone looking to achieve greasy dew, bur aren’t the longest lasting of products. My skin does appreciate the extra layer of moisture as anything is welcome here. I know that some found the Generation G lipsticks to be a little disappointing, and while they don’t come with setbacks (packaging isn’t the greatest) the formula is great. I adore that blotted, sheer wash of pigment for the lips and Zip is one of my go to red lipsticks.

All in all Glossier is more than just another brand for me, it’s an idea that I can pursue (by buying stuff)

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