Chanel Cushion Foundation

   It’s not often that I don’t expect to meet a product, see it on the stand and then buy it reviews unseen. This strange occurrence was exactly what happened when I met what might be my foundation of dreams. My original intention was to get the new Chanel Les Beige Cruise Collection bronzers but that – the glorious compact was before me and I simply couldn’t resist. Is a Chanel cushion worth the price over it’s K-beauty counterpart? Here’s why.

Western luxury brands have been bringing out cushion compact faster that you can say pat-pat recently. From YSL’s gold housed beauty to the Dior Skin serum-infused offering there’s plenty out there, and Chanel aren’t that late to the game. I’ve been a huge fan of cushion foundations ever since eI found out about them, the ultra thin formula in a portable compact is great for anyone who doesn’t love ultra long wearing makeup. Sorry, but I’m not interested in anything that can cling on for 20 hours, that cannot be good for my skin. The main issue for most with asian cushions is the ultra limited shade range, and the fact that they shades are often very pink, very yellow or very grey. It’s a strange thing but it is what it is. Western brands cater to a (slightly) more diverse audience and you can usually find a good range of shades.

As per usual I’m shade N20 is Chanel, but based on what I saw on the stand there are 6 in total, starting with the very pink N12 and ending in N60. The Chanel website boasts a whopping 10 shades but again, the darker tones are left out. I’ve found these to be overall quite neutral so for me the usual Chanel shade is a perfect match.

The formula boasts 56% water, and is enriched with hyaluronic acid to ensure 8 hour long hydration. It’s definitely one for the dry skinned gals out there, you’ll get a sheer glossy coverage that covers up some general redness and discoloration but doesn’t do much to hide blemishes or scarring.

It’s all housed in expectedly gorgeous packaging. Like most cushions this is plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap nor is it too hefty that it’ll take up precious real-estate in your purse. There mirror is of superior quality and is very easy to apply makeup with. There’s the usual cushion puff that lays over the plastic closure of the product. To access you just pop it up to reveal the cushion.

This isn’t the traditional spongey cushion mind you. It’s a tension pact, or a tension cushion. This means that the product, in this case the gel foundation, lays beneath a fine mesh layer. You press down on the mesh with the puff to get product and then pat it into the skin. Be careful not to press too hard or you’ll end up with more product than you can handle.

It’s a fairly speedy application, I only need one layer all over and a second one of key areas like my cheeks and chin. Unlike other cushions I’ve used this one sets a little, and doesn’t leave me with a slip and slide that requires powder. Cream products blends beautifully into this formula, and you’re left with that lit from within glow that everyone wants. You can be excessive and add on some highlight but it’s not really necessary.

I adore how this pairs with the Chanel Les Beige Healthy Glow Stick in N22, a bit of mascara and Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle as both blush and lipstick. It’s that healthy, flushed skin look that’s perfect for the spring and summer.

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