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Glossier Must Haves

My Glossier must haves for anyone who is considering making a purchase with the new shipping options available. Now that Glossier is that much more attainable – with recently launched shipping to the UK joining in on the Canada and US options, we’re that close to world domination from Instagram’s favorite brand. Worst case scenario? Pop into the Showroom next time you’re in NYC. Actually do that no matter what, it’s amazing.


Moisturizing Moon Mask: One of the very first moisturizing masks I found that actually worked. It’s light and soothing on the skin while boosting the moisture levels and leaving you healthy, dewy and happy. If you’ve got very sensitive skin this might require an ingredient list check, as I’ve had mild tingles when applying to irritated skin. Works best when cool in the summer so keep it in your fridge for a skin-cooling blast of dew.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: A gentle cleanser that takes of makeup without foaming, gives a bit of moisture and is eye safe. There are no fancy ingredients, or miraculous effects promised but this is a cleanser that does the job. By now, I’ve used up about 5 bottles of the stuff and can assure you that its great at what it promises, in a pinch this works for both first and second cleanse but I prefer it after a round of micellar water. It’s non-drying, great for those with drier skins.

Balm Dot Com: A lip balm or multi-purpose salve also pretty useful as a highlighter in a pinch. These are a polarizing product, yes there petroleum jelly in there and no its not a fancy vaseline in my opinion. This won’t save your dry, cracked winter lips but any post flight dry-lips will be soothed. Not a treatment, but rather a preventative measure these are great for trapping in the moisture. They also have a semi-matte finish, so great for sheering out lipstick.


Boy Brow: Ahhhh boy brow. An enviable thing, those bushy wild brows it promises. This won’t generate new hair for you, but those of us with unwieldy brows will rejoice! The clear just holds ’em in place defying gravity while the colored versions, I use Brown, will tint and beef up your brows while getting those hairs exactly where you want them. Want super full brows? Brush them against the growth direction and then arrange to your desired look. I’m on tube 10 by now.

Stretch Concealer: One of the most skin-like products out there. This concealer has a sheen and a bit of a slip to it, but manages to look like skin even on the driest of patches. The shade range is a bit limited in my opinion but I use light which works well for both under the eyes and on blemishes. It’s not brightening but it does cover and diffuse and darkness, redness or old scarring. Take this all over the face with a brush or finger and you’re set for no makeup days.

Haloscope Highlighter: This is hands down on of my favorites from the bunch. I am currently scraping out the last bits from the stick. These highlights won’t make you reflective from space but will impart a nice, dewy, glowy sheen that’s sweaty in the very best of ways. The oil-balm core is where it’s at for that glossy, dewy magazine look. No matter the color, Quartz, Topaz or Moonstone I own them all and love them all. Quartz wins for everyday on me though.

Bonus: for the color lovers

Cloud Paint: Cream blush is a tricky thing. Some people hate it, other swear by it but it seems like no one is ambivalent about the product. These are one of the best formulation of a cream blush I’ve met, slightly liquid for a sheer hazy application but with enough pigment to perk up your complexion. It’s a strange thing. I love blush in general, and cream blushers particularly – any thing that helps me get a dewier look is highly appreciated. By now I’ve got three of the four shades on offer; Puff a baby pink, Dusk a dusty nude brown and Haze a jammy raspberry. Overall these are great, but only if you already love blush.

Go on, get your self some Glossier must haves! These products do get a lot, I mean a lot, of hype but that shouldn’t deter you from some really amazing products. Glossier has a very specific aesthetic, natural and cool, but there are products in the line for even the heaviest of makeup wearers. Since my last order there have been new additions to the line – the Wowder, Body Hero range and Glossier You but that’s awaiting my next splurge.

Those were my Glossier must haves – if you’ve checked out the line let me know what your must haves are; Or if there’s a product you’re thinking about but aren’t sure, leave a comment I’ve probably tried it.

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  • I’m obsessed with the balm dot com. I haven’t tried any of their makeup products besides the boy brow.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve