Life Recently: October

October has been an awesome month. Post-wedding bliss, loads of free time and my birthday made it really great and relaxing. I love October for more than just my birthday, it’s the time of year when the temperatures start to turn cooler and those #fallvibes are abound.


Cooler nights mean snuggling up on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn (and a face mask); we’ve been making the most of our Netflix subscription this month. Mindhunter was the star of the month – give me anything about serial killers and I’m there. The show is about the beginnings of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit and it’s very well made. There are just 10 episodes so pace yourself – or binge watch over an entire weekend. A must watch for Criminal Minds lovers.


I’ve been focusing on tidying and putting some more effort into our apartment, making sure the bed is made and that the sofa cushions are nice looking after a late night squished up on them. It’s the little things that make it more pleasant – clearing away the dishes, not leaving mugs everywhere, making sure the cat’s toys are all in one place. Flowers can finally come back into play – during the summer it’s simply too hot to have them around, it’s a pity to see a beautiful floral arrangement die because you went to work and the AC was off. I’ve been picking up a bouquet every Friday to kick off the weekend and they’ve been surviving the entire week, even if towards the end things are a little dire.


I’ve been really into Led Zepplin, Iron & Wine and Tom Petty – just a mix of guitars, great vocals and music that makes me feel good without making me want to get up and dance. Whenever the temperatures drop I go back to those guitar heavy songs, and I’ve always been partial to Led Zepplin. When I first started getting into music I stole my dad’s old records and among those were plenty of Led Zepplin vinyls. As time went on I’ve expanded my musical collection, and I’m not above blasting good old 00’s pop songs at full volume, but I love some classic rock.


I’ve been focusing more on written content. This is something that over the past few months I’ve neglected, with wedding plans and a busy work load, but it truly makes me happy. From the planning, photographing, writing, linking, optimizing and even to the distributing part I enjoy it all. I’ve gone and given my blog a bit of a re-fresh with a new theme; have you noticed? I’m focusing on producing three pieces of content a week and on not being too hard if I miss a self-set deadline. this post is going up a day later than I planned on, but that doesn’t really matter. The process of writing and thinking of what I want to produce is a part of my happiness, as much as a new package in the mail or a lovely comment is. I’m choosing to focus on feeling accomplished and happy.


I’ve also been back to reading blogs, articles and other thought provoking things online. Here are a few to check out:

  • Like Neon Loves post on the little things that make a big difference in photography is great, for getting you to think about what you do and what you could be doing differently. Her photography is always compelling too!
  • Into the Gloss‘s vitamin packed salad recipe will make you want to go on a food shop, or raid your fridge, to concoct this fresh as hell looking dish. I’ve got the majority of the ingredients in the fridge but need to add a few things to the list so I’ve got it on hand whenever a little boost is needed. Eat your vegetables kids!
  • A Private Life of a Girl‘s Green House tour makes me want to go to the nearest plant nursery and buy all the plants, pots, clippers and spray cans possible. There’s a strong botanical trend going on with homeware but before I bring in a living plant friend I’ve got some reading up on care and cat-safety to do.
  • Kate La Vie‘s Styling a Coffee Table is hammering home the fact that we need a real coffee table! I’ve put off making the purchase for a while now but things like this make it clear that I should really make the investment in a beautiful piece. Kate’s home is beautiful and inspirational but also achievable which I appreciate.

That’s it for this month – I’m hoping to share a birthday haul soon but the post office is simply not delivering my packages just yet. It’s an exercise in patience I guess.

Hope you’ve had an amazing October – November is just around the corner with even more fall time weather, vibes and for me an exciting little business trip!


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  • I always love little posts like this. I’ve definitely been focusing on my home space and making sure it stays tidy. Having a pup home all day by himself definitely means toys everywhere as well as treat crumbs all over the floor. The sink somehow always manages to fill itself up and I’ve made a habit of clearing up our counter and coffee table before going to bed. It’s a lot nicer when you wake up to a tidy space!

    Cindy |

    • Without a doubt waking up (or coming home to) a tidy space makes all the difference. It’s at times like this that I understand why my mom was always so angry when we left dishes out when she came home at the end of the day.