Mini French Pharmacy Haul

When a French pharmacy is available – you buy some french pharmacy products. While I wasn’t lucky enough to pop on over to the land of good skin and even better baked goods, some skincare bits still made it to me. If you can’t have a fresh baguet might as well have some tres cheap Embryolisse!

Keeping in mind the luggage limitations, and wanting to keep the spending to a minimum I went for only four products. Two are old and trust worthy, while the other two piqued my interest. I decided to check them out to see if I’ll need to stock up in the future.

The Old Faithfuls

  • Caudalie Grape Water
    It’s water with grape, exactly what it says on the bottle. It’s 100% organic and made with grapes from Bordeaux which is nice, but what this really does excel at is soothing the skin and giving you a boost of hydration. Whether you need a freshen up desk side mid-day or some slip to put on that nightly facial oil this is a great one to check out.
  • Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate
    If there is one cream to rule them all – this is it. For those of us with dry skin it’s the perfect day cream, that sinks into the perfect priming base not too slippy but not too gripy. It’s got a very simple formula without any bells or whistles, no SPF or special ingredients to make you fight wrinkles. This cream does the job and it does it well, without too much of a hassle.

The New Hopefuls

    • Caudalie Glycolic Peel
      I love a good mask, that’s not even up for debate. Caudalie re-vamped their mask range a while back and I thought it was high time to check something out. This is a glycolic peel, as the name suggests. Said to be nice and gentle while still sloughing up dead skin and leaving you nice and bright, its one to try.
    • Bioderma Hydrating Anti-UV Spray SPF30
      This was a bit of an impulse purchase. Adding another bottle to the mix needed a differentiator – what’s better than some sun protection? Nothing, my skincare loving friends! This spray is meant to be refreshing on the skin with an added bonus of SFP protection. Count me in.

I’ve got to use these up before the next french pharmacy adventure – who knows what will be next?

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  • I haven’t used the Caudalie glycolic mask in a while, but when I did – I remember loving it. I’ll have to use it again now.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve