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What I’m Buying This Black Friday (Or Think Of)

It’s that time of the year again – Black Friday! Here are the items, stores and deals I’m putting those hard earned pennies on.
Prepare your online shopping carts, credit cards and rebates links because this is the time to stock up or splurge on those items you’ve been eyeing up. I’ve already started making the orders – it seems that it’s less Black Friday and more Spend-All-The-Cash-November.


I’ve already caved here and started the purchasing, but here’s my expected list of buys.

Glossier – I’m refilling my stock of masks, boy brow and halo scope with the addition of Wowder and the Body Hero duo. For the past couple of years Glossier have given 20% off the entire site and free shipping on all orders, so it is time to stock up your faves and maybe check out some new bits? If you need Glossier recommendations check out my post here.
Shop here with 20% off!

Stratia Skincare – I’ve been eyeing this indie brand for a while and the promise of 20% off has made me decide to bite the bullet. I’ll be purchasing the Liquid Gold which reddit promises is amazing for dry skins! While it’s very easy to just go to big brand stores/sites and splurge to our hearts content I think that keeping women owned independent brands in mind is super important and try to support when I can. Shop here.

Alikimi Skincare There’s only a single SKU in the line, the Cinco Facial Oil (that I mentioned in my last blogpost… Oops!). This brand is the brain child of a fellow blogger (yay!) and with an super pure ingredient list it is very hard to say no when 20% off is offered. They ship internationally for a very reasonable price so go on, support an indie brand and get your skincare on. Shop here.

Beautylish –  There aren’t any great deals (unless you like Jeffery Star or Bioderma), but I’ve been eying up the Wayne Goss Airbrush for a while and it is time to bit the bullet! Also in my bag are a Chikuhodo pencil brush and a very snazzy spoolie. Shop here.


To be honest, I’ve mainly got things I’m keeping an eye on to see if the price makes them worth it. Fashion buys aren’t on the top of my list this time ’round unless it’s a nice coat or jacket. Or you know, cozy basics.

Urban Outfitters –  The whole site is BOGO 50% off plus free international shipping over $50! I was being very mindful of the spend so simply got 2 new knit tops from Out From Under who make some of the best basic-but-better pieces in my opinion. Shop here.

Missoma – Jewelry is fashion right? Missoma are offering 25% off the entire site which is an amazing deal for some pretty iconic pieces in the blogging world. I’ve gone a made a hefty purchase from the Lucy Williams Roman Holiday collection, so go on take a look and get yourself a little something! Use code BF25 at checkout. Shop here.


To be very honest, my investment in homeware has been on the rise this month. It kicked off with a very large West Elm haul and just kept going.

West Elm –  Bedding, side tables or a coffee table. These are all the things I’ve bought from them this month, and you should too! There’s a 15% off $100 purchase with percentage rising up to 30% off for a $3000 purchase – that’s not as difficult to reach with furniture. time to be an adult and buy something other than IKEA. Shop here.

So, yes – happy shopping! Don’t go too overboard and try to enjoy this weekend as it is meant to be enjoyed – with family.

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