Skincare Wishlist

Skincare is something that I’m passionate about, between the results to the ritualistic aspect there’s little I don’t enjoy about it.

Like any other skincare obsessive I maintain an ever growing list of items I’d like to try; cleansers, actives, oils, serums and masks there’s bound to be something that’ll pique your interest. I’ve been into Korean skincare for a while but lately more natural or science-driven brands have started to grab my interest. I try not to add extremely expensive items to the list like Vintner’s Daughter as, even with my love for skincare, it’s not sustainable long term to spend this much on a face oil. So what do I want to check out?


I’ve had the pleasure of trying the brand’s sheet mask (the hydrating one) and that has made more want MORE, The concept of farm-to-table becoming farm-to-face is a little gimmicky for my taste but the products and formulations seems to be spot on. I’m planning on picking up a few more sheet masks (for home or travel), the cleansing balm (it’s got rave reviews) and the night balm (I’ve never met an overnight mask I didn’t love).

Jordan Samuel Skincare

I’ll be very honest – I want the entire range. Luckily, it’s small! The cleanser has been on my mind since I saw it on Instagram for the first time. The facial oils and the serum just call out to me, not a surprise since hydration is my favorite term in skincare (followed by brightening). The rest of the line includes a balm cleanser, cleansing clothes, and a face cream. I think I’ll kick things off with just the starter kit with the face oil hydrating serum and cleanser.

Lixir Skin

Dusty pink packaging and science-y tubes make this new line very interesting. From what I gathered it’s been formulated by a REN alum, and I love REN,  to be simple yet effective. The prices are very much affordable – not like The Ordinary, but most items hit 20 British pounds or so. There’s a cleanser, with a negative molecule that attracts direct – sounds a little marketing BS but I’ll bite, a facial cream, a Vitamin C mask and 3 acids too boost skincare based on needs. I may have already ordered the Vitamin C mask and a lactic acid booster…

Alkimi Skin

Last of all there’s Alkimi with a single item in the line – Cinco face oil! I love a face oil, there’s no use denying. This oil has a  very simple ingredient list, which you can actually understand, with a lot of blemish targeting ingredients. The price is very comfortable for the simple yet effective ingredient list and that kind of does it for me. Packaging looks luxe but not over the top and a pump distribution method makes things simple (if a little less mad-scientist that pipette counterparts). Come spring-summer I expect to see this added to my cabinet, it’ll be a perfect addition for that time of year.

So, yeah those are a few of the brands I’m eyeing up! With Black Friday just around the corner I’m sure it’ll be a bit easier on the wallet to purchase from some of these. I’ve already read on Instagram that Alkimi will have a 20% off discount, while Jordan Samuel is releasing some special kits for the holidays. ‘Tis the time to get some skincare is it not?

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