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Chanel Ombre Premiere

The Chanel Ombre Premiere eyeshadows were one of my favorite discoveries of 2017. The new cream shadow formulation, accompanied by new powder shadows too, was a welcome addition to the lineup. For me, it all started with ‘Poupre Profond’ and then escalated quickly.

At the time of writing this, I only possess three eyeshadows from the range. However, stopping myself from adding to my collection is a constant struggle. Why it’s simply a cream eyeshadow – and not that exciting when you keep in mind releases like Stila’s Magnificient Foil eyeshadows or even the classic ByTerry Stylo Blackstar. Well, my dear reader here’s why:


I find that all shadows crease on me. It’s simply a fact of life, one that’s only made worse by my moisture heavy skincare routine and fairly hooded eye shape. Instead of fighting it, I embrace the creasing, shifting and general shadow mayhem with simple looks. After all, I was never a cut-crease, blend for 4 days kind of girl anyway. The Chanel Ombre Premiere eyeshadows’ formula lends itself to handling the mess that is my eyelids, they do set (but after 4 hours it’s a lost battle for me) and with a gentle swipe, I can blend everything back to normality. On those without an oil-spill for an eyelid, I’m sure these shadows will bear the brunt of the working day flawlessly.


As mentioned before everything creases on me, making products that can be used in more than one way great. The multi-use of these shadows is largely dependent on the shade that is chosen. For me, the dark shade works beautifully as an eyeliner that can be smokey or precise and the lighter skin-toned shade works amazingly well as a subtle highlighter. There’s also plenty of flexibility with the application. Brushes, fingers or sponges all work well for varying results – and in a pinch, you can reach for whatever is there to add a little something extra.

Minimal Luxury

Life’s too short to use products you don’t love. That’s my motto for 2018 really, and hopefully for life! Not to say that one should live beyond their means. There are plenty of great products at much more reasonable prices available on the market. For me, however, it is the little bits of luxury in my skincare and makeup that make life a little bit better. So, if I want to slather CC embossed eyeshadow on my lids you can bet that I’ll do so. It does help that this will last longer than I will live at the rate I’m going. The pan is nowhere in sight even after 3 months of pretty much daily use with Poupre Profond. Just make sure to screw them tight when you’ve finished application.

I own Poupre Profond, a dark rich chocolate with a reddish tone and some gorgeous reflects. I actually don’t own a shadow in a similar shade to this at all, making it unique in my collection despite a gazillion Colourpop super shock shadows. Unlike the Colourpop, these have not dried out in the slightest and are worth every penny when compared. I’ve thrown out more of the Colourpop than I should admit, and frankly, it’s a bit of a waste.

For the more casual days, I’ve got Undertone, a neutral beige with a bit of gold-taupe shimmer. It just cleans up the eye, makes you look awake and put together like you want to be when you’re really not. Last of all, there’s Silver Screen which came out with the holiday collection. This is a greeny, silver color that’s very sheeny on the lid. Perfect for a glammed up look and paired with some liner and a red lip.

These eyeshadows aren’t news but they are ones to check out if you’ve yet to try them. These have got the Je Ne Sais Quoi quality to them that’s not replicated by others. Go on, give them a try – Poupre Profond especially!

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