About Me

Why “HolyLipstick”?

Why not? That real story is that way back when, I had a fashion blog named “HolyFashionista” as a homage to living in Israel “the holy land”. There was an entire rating system with holy grails and it was very influenced by Monty Python. That just kind of carried onto here – with the beauty world beating the phrase “Holy Grail Product” to death I thought is was only fitting. I’m still searching for that holy grail lipstick and well, this is a place to document my adventures towards it.

Who Am I?

My name is Dar, I drink more coffee than I should and think about the internet more than is probably healthy. I’m an online marketing professional, currently working in as a content marketing manager at a public company in ad technology, my day to day content differs greatly from the stuff on here. I’ve a BA in Interactive Media and Online Marketing, and I am considering my next academic adventure. In the past I worked as a professional product photographer and instructor. Among other things I’m a social media fiend who, constantly, is trying to innovate and solve problems.
“Be solutions oriented” is kind of my jam.

Why Blog?

I started blogging way back, in the early 00’s, but life and a combination of school/work/life derailed that. I decided to put in some effort and finally get back into blogging. This is my little corner of the web, to share things that I like/make/find interesting – I hope you will too.
Creating content is an amazing creative outlet that allows me to indulge in my unending passion for beauty.

Where Else Can You Find Me

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